Sunday, May 17, 2015

Schools Out!

Preschool has been such a good thing for our social little girl. Penny has thrived! I never planned to start her in preschool so early, but this small, once a week preschool in the teacher's home was the prefect fit. It fills the gaps of my abilities, like having music and craft time. Her teacher, Miss Natalie, would always comment on how intently Penny would work on the craft that particular day. Her little art projects have covered our fridge all year long.
Penny adores Miss Natalie. As do I! She is so sweet and patient with all the kids. She made an adorable little scrapbook with pictures from the year and had the preschoolers give them to their parents after the end of school performance. I nearly started bawling on the spot as I flipped through the book.
I snapped a few pictures of Penny on her last day of school:
And just for fun, here is how Penny has changed over the last year:

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