Saturday, October 31, 2015

Scott's Wedding Trip in Washington

In August we flew to Washington to celebrate Scott's wedding. We hadn't visited for several years (since 2011).  I thoroughly documented our trip on Instagram, but not on the blog! Here are some highlights:

Kinza Teriyaki
A trip to Washington isn't complete without a trip to the Himmer family's favorite: Kinza. We got take-out four separate occasions before we returned home. Penny and Eloise had no complaints with the cuisine.

Chickens and the eggs
The months leading up to our visit, Penny would talk with Grandma on FaceTime about all the things they were going to do and see. None were more important than tending to the chickens and collecting eggs. Within minutes of arriving at Grandma's Penny found herself to the coop. Penny gladly collected eggs throughout the trip in her basket.

Astrid and Eloise
Penny and Eloise love animals as most kids do. Penny will often times feel timid with animals larger than herself. Eloise is quite the opposite. Eloise had no problem taming Astrid a large Great Dane. Astrid seemed to feel overwhelmed by this tiny kid and tried to avoid her the rest of the week. The only exception was when Eloise had left over dinner on her hands (licked from a safe distance).

Andrew and I had one ambitious bucket-list item on this trip. We both wanted an opportunity to spend some time in the water kayaking. Fitting this into the trip's schedule was tricky and we were afraid we wouldn't be able to do it since it required someone else watching our kids for a few hours. It rained for the first 20 minutes, but the harbor was gorgeous!

Thanks Scott and Elyssa for the opportunity to visit the PNW.