Monday, January 4, 2016

First Day of Preschool

Penny started going to preschool again in September.  I desperately wanted a "first day of school" picture, but she would NOT have it and all I got was this:
I remember feeling really frustrated that I couldn't get a nice, smiling picture, but now that a few month have passed (and a scary hospital visit) I have a much better perspective. I love it! Attitude and all!

Despite her grumpiness about my constant picture taking, she was thrilled to be back! She was so happy when I picked her up, she let me take another picture of her, and she almost smiled! 
But when her teacher takes her picture, she's all smiles! 


  1. She is precious! I looooove the first picture! Too funny.

  2. Pretty sure I have a picture of my first day of kindergarten with my arms folded and a big scowl on my face. Or maybe I was crying. Either way it was over something really important like the dress I was wearing... Love that Penny girl!