Sunday, November 7, 2010

Carmel Apples

My first semester at college my 3 roommates and I decided to host a "sadie hawkins" halloween-themed date.  The first time we asked out the boys through a music video.  For the date we started with cheese fondue, made carmel apples, went the the haunted mill, and then watched a movie and ate our apples.  It was quite the date!  The next year only 2 of us were left at school but we got a new roommate to join in with us.  We ditched the movie and the fondue but still had a wonderful time.  Last Halloween I was in Jerusalem.

This year none of the original 3 are close-by but in keeping with tradition I asked Andrew on a date! We went to a straw maze instead of the haunted mill.  Andrew lead us out in a record 13 minutes.  I had no idea where I was the whole time.  The maze was not lit and everything looked the same to me.   I was lost after 1 minute--I could't even point towards the entrance.  Not so for Andrew, he ran and I struggled to keep up.  The website said it took people around 45 minutes to get out of the maze, I thought we would be there forever.  I was convinced that Andrew was putting on a show and really had no idea what he was doing but before I knew it we were out of there!

Now comes the tasty part...the carmel apples!  We had such a hard time finding all the things we needed for our apples.  We went to 3 different stores looking for popsicle sticks mini m&ms (both of which are essential for making carmel apples!)  In the end we had to settle for jumbo craft sticks in Walmarts craft section.  Below I have included WAY too many pictures documenting our creations.

 I have to take a moment to praise my wonderful pans.  A group of aunts, uncles, and cousins on my dad's side got together and bought Andrew and I pans and a vacuum for our wedding.  Both the pans and the vacuum are amazing.  Theses are seriously the best pans I have every used.  Nothing sticks to them.  Not even rice crispy treats or carmel!  Thank you, thank you everyone who went in on this present--and thanks to my Aunt Debra for picking out such wonderful pans!

The reason I am making this face is because I asked Andrew to take a close up of the apple but instead I got this..

Remember those jumbo craft sticks? (Andrew called them tongue depressors)

Every carmel apple should have a layer of chocolate..

I attempted to decorate them with melted chocolate in a plastic bag with a corner snipped off.  

This apple is the one I made for myself--there is a very thick layer of chocolate and the tons of mini m&ms.  It was delicious!

In case you are wondering: No, we did not eat all of those apples by ourselves.  We gave away most of them to our friends :)


  1. Lindsay, this blog entry is killing me.
    I still have some of the pans I got for my wedding. I love wedding presents. :)

  2. Lol Andrew wanting to do the maze in record time is too funny. Congrats on the fast time and very yummy looking treats!