Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving in Gig Harbor

Yesterday we made the 13 hour car ride back to Rexburg, ID from Gig Harbor, WA. Today we are sad to see our break from school slip away. We had a wonderful time at the Himmer house this week! Most years on Thanksgiving I sleep in and then lazily get out of bed and watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

This year I got to experience a Himmer Thanksgiving. We were out of bed before 7 and running by 8. (My mom could testify that this is an accomplishment for me--I am not a morning person and I do not enjoy running) I ran my first ever 5K race! Well, to be honest, I only ran the last 100 yards across the finish line but I had a nice brisk walk with Andrew's mom and littlest brother. Andrew and his dad ran the 10K. Andrew's time was a little under 48 minutes! (that's averaging under 8 minute miles) Almost 2000 people came out of their warm beds to run in the snow and ice. I was disappointed when I realized that Andrew and I did not bring a camera to document our Turkey Trot but thankfully Andrew's dad got a few with his iphone:

That night we had a yummy Thanksgiving dinner with plenty of stuffing, pie, and Remember whens (brief anecdotes and memories about family members, typically comical). Everything tasted even better because of the exercise. We finished the night with Toy Story 3.

On Black Friday I went shopping with Andrew's mom. We were happy to find that the lines were not too long. I was thrilled to discover that Gap was having a 50% off EVERYTHING sale until 10am. Andrew doesn't have any sisters so after being in a house full of boys for the week it was nice to have a little girl's shopping with my mother-in-law!

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