Friday, May 11, 2012

Documenting this pregnancy

I  have had countless requests for pictures of my pregnant belly (which really isn't fair--I don't go around asking people for pictures of them when at their highest weight of all time..)  In order to satisfy all of those requests I enlisted the help of my sister Sydney to take some pictures for me.  These were taken when I was 37 weeks pregnant.
We are both getting so excited to meet our little girl!  Although, as newborns go I have been warned that she will not be a "little" baby.  A few weeks ago the ultrasound tech measured her and told me that she is measuring a week ahead in size--except for her legs which are a week behind in size!  Translation: short and fat!  (That sounds like a familiar description...)  I guess with Andrew and me for parents she is bound to be on the short side!  We are preparing to have an 8-9 pound baby--possibly more if I am like my mom and go way past my due date.  
The doctors at my new office have informed me that my body does not seem to be on the fast track to labor anytime soon.  The first time they checked me I hadn't progressed at all.  In fact, the doctor did an ultrasound to make sure she wasn't breach--I guess he couldn't tell if she was head down or not since she hadn't dropped yet.  At my last appointment the Nurse Practitioner who checked me said about 1/2 centimeter dilated.  She was probably being a little generous. 
I am pretty convinced that she will be overdue, however this hasn't stopped me from doing all I can to prepare.  I washed all of her little clothes (moms--is this really necessary to wash new clothes before babies wear them?? I figured since I had the time I might as well listen to everything the internet was telling me but I can't help but wonder.  Also special detergent?? Fact or fiction?)  My hospital bags are packed, I have diapers and wipes, I preregistered with the hospital, I have read my book on sleep training and another on nursing, and I let myself get dragged on nightly walks in the hopes of moving things along.  
All I have left to do is convince Andrew to install the car seat.  He thinks I am crazy.  I have been trying to get him to put the car seat in the car for weeks.  His plan is to just grab it after she is born.  You probably agree with him and are wondering why I don't just put the car seat in myself.  I would, but it is still in the box with the stroller under a huge stack of boxes and I can't get to it without help.
I think there is a part of me that hopes that if I have everything in order then maybe, just maybe this baby can come a little early, or at least on time.  Writing this blog post and the last one on graduation have been on my to-do list for weeks.  I might be crazy, but I have this fear that she wont come unless I have crossed everything off of my list. 
There is just one thing left on my list.  I need to get my wedding photographer to give me a copy of my wedding pictures and get him to finish the wedding book he is putting together for me.  We have been married for almost two years, with a baby coming any day, it is time to wrap up wedding stuff!


  1. ah lindsay you're gorgeous!! you and your man just look so stinkin excited and your little girl is going to be the cutest little baby ever! i don't know how you can possibly stand the wait, how exciting :]

  2. You have been married for almost TWO YEARS?!?! Oh good grief it seems like it was last semester...

  3. I am so happy for you. Everything just sounds so exciting. Can't wait to meet your little girl and I am SO THRILLED that I'll be here to see her. Love you so much!

  4. Oh you're so cute! Prego days, yeahhh don't miss those. You're going to be a great mama! It's so fun. I washed all of Ella's baby clothes before she wore them, but the special laundry detergent you don't have to worry about until after she's born. If she starts getting rashes on her skin, most likely all over, then you might want to try another detergent. I don't know though, Ella had no problems with that either! Good luck with labor and everything. Can't wait to see pictures!