Friday, November 1, 2013

Walks and Carmel Apples

Sick of the Halloween posts yet?  This is the last one, I promise!  I think Halloween is such a fun holiday.  I love being able to share the fun with Penny!  I look forward to all the years to come when Penny (and little sister) can carve pumpkins and wear coordinating costumes!

We kept things pretty simple this year.  Yesterday I decided I wanted to make carmel apples.  Since it was Halloween, I was worried that going to the store was going to be a huge mistake, but there were no lines and they had everything I needed!  It was a Halloween Miracle! The last time I made carmel apples I couldn't find popsicle sticks and ended up using giant craft sticks which looked pretty silly.   This time I decided to try a pinterest pin and use twigs for the sticks.  Penny and I went for a little walk to find some good sticks.  

 The finished product:
I finished making the apples right before dinner.  Penny wanted nothing more than to get her hands on them.  She threw a pretty impressive tantrum when she didn't get her way.  After dinner, we sliced up one and shared it.  Penny was in heaven!

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