Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Baba, Grandma, and Sam Visit

Andrew took the week off to enjoy his parents visit (and for our little getaway). We swam, played frisbee golf, watched home movies, played games, and had a blast! Penny had such a good time, she wouldn't stop playing to give me a hug when Andrew and I got back from our little trip. It seems, she hardly noticed we were gone! Since they left, Penny has asked me multiple times about Baba, Grandma, and Sam. She says their names over and over again and looks around hopefully. She wants them to come back to Texas!
Sam convinced me to try out the slides at our pool. He also got his parents to join in!
 Here's Grandma's splash:
The last night they were here, we got a babysitter for the girls (for the first time!) and had a game night at Charles and Heather's house. After all the fun, it was hard to watch Andrew leave for work on Monday. I can't remember the last time Andrew had a week with no work or school!

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