Monday, January 16, 2017

Penny's Burst Appendix: Part 3

(You can find Part 2: Here) I pulled up to emergency drop of curb and Andrew came out to meet us. He parked the car, while I carried Penny, wrapped up in a blanket into the ER. I kept expecting everything to feel dramatic and fast paced, but in reality, everything was slow and patient.  Over the next 6-7 hours we waited as they put in an IV and ran tests, including an ultrasound, chest x-rays, and a full CT scan. With each new test, another specialist or DR would come and carefully explain what they had done and what this meant and what the next course of action would be. 
This picture is still painful for me to look at. She looks so hollow.
The worst test was the ultrasound. It is the fastest way to diagnose an appendicitis, but to see her appendix they really needed to press hard. Penny wouldn't let anyone near her stomach. They gave her some morphine for all the pain she was in but she still didn't want anyone to touch her. The tech worked slowly and gently and I silently and continually prayed over Penny that she wouldn't be in pain and that the ultrasound tech would be able to see what she needed to see. That prayer was answered and Penny calmed. I have never felt the presence of angels watching over us as I did in that moment.
The ultrasound was successful and as soon as it was over, Penny went back to complaining anytime her stomach was touched. They later told me that it is remarkable that she was able to let them see that well with the ultrasound. She has a lot of gas and that required them to push even harder to see everything. She also handled the CT like a champ, even though it made her nervous. Everyone kept remarking on how well she was behaving, saying that she was acting better than most 6 year-olds do in this situation.
CT Scan
Penny was a shadow of her former self. The only time she was a little bit happy, was when a nurse came and brought her a stuffed dog. She smiled and snuggled it.The tests confirmed that it was her appendix and that every one’s unvoiced suspicions were correct, it had burst. They immediately got her ready to transfer to surgery. 
She also had low oxygen levels
Right before she went in, Andrew gave her a blessing. She was nervous about being taken away from us, and I hated it too. But we promised her that it would be alright.   
Our last view as she entered the Op Theatre

Waiting room - the status board (Penny is the green line)
And then we waiting in the waiting area, surrounded by others with loved ones in surgery. Watching the board and willing it to give us more information that just “In Surgery”.

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