Monday, August 25, 2014

I Can't Forget Penny!

Normally, first children have all the pictures and videos and the subsequent children have less and less. That is not the case for my girls. Eloise definitely takes the cake. But let's be honest, both have had a staggering amount of pictures and videos taken of them. Yet, I still feel bad that I never did monthly updates for Penny. And I sometimes feel guilty that I have more pictures of Eloise and have been a much better blogger for her first year than I was with Penny. 
I bought a baby book for Penny, but never finished it, and I have given myself permission to call blogging enough. If I keep up the blogging, my girls might even be annoyed that I share so much of their lives on the internet... I guess its a good thing that just a handful of family and friends read this blog!
So Miss Penny, when you are older and look back at this blog, I hope you aren't too upset with me for neglecting to take monthly photos of you! I could probably find a picture from each month of your life if you are really hurting, and if Instagram is still a thing, there are plenty of pictures there! 

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